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You may have already visited our sister site Sims2Graveyard.

This site is for dead sims3 sites and creators files.

You will only find items for the SIMS3 here, if a site offered content for both sims2 and sims3 and the site died, you will find their sims2 items at Sims2Graveyard and their sims3 files here.

This website does not exist to trample on creator's rights, to cause drama, or to piss anyone off. It is here to help people out. Enjoy!

Update - April 2016

Sorry it's taken so long!

I wish I could have updated sooner but the free time I did have to do website work, went to sims2 graveyard instead of this one.

Files Added to Sites' Folders:

Repulsively Desirous Creations, sugichaco, Simnational, Helaene

Sites Added to the Graveyard:

LiliSims, Sublime Sims, Joedy76, A+S=Error, CazyxDarkPlace, aWT, Aarin's Spectacles, Chiri Sims, Clausims, Heiret, Hisuily, In Anticipation, MCalero, Peggy, PNMai (mai pham), Holy Simoly, Custom Sims3, Byhsd, Verona Relapse, Simiversity, Sims Art Gallery, Rose, Royal Sim, Simpossible, Sims3 Boutique, Simstrastos, SwtSugar, Tribecca

New to the Missing List:

Adelia Sims, Sims3 Inlimite, Fashion Twist, Sims Crossing, S Club, The Simmers Club 3, Home Sims3, Mania Sims3, Destiny Sims Creations, Vila Sims, Cinnamon Stick Sims, I Like Your Face Sims, Simstreff, Sunset Sims 3, Simmer Pixels, Simposium, Candy Sims, Sims Tree, Doe Sims, Transgender Sims, Anarchy Cat, Simaholics Anonymous, Veritas aka KG, Bread and Butter Sims, ccathie (old stuff), The Sims3 Life, Hollywood Sims3, All About Sims3, Lollipop Sims3, Gagacouture Sims3, Ancaria Sims, 8/3 Studios (8x3), Hudy777, Carrie Sims, Juliana Sims